The Sound of Silence

Have you ever gone outside and found a quiet spot to close your eyes for ten minutes while you breath…listen…feel…smell…and perhaps even taste.   I don’t mean a fleeting experience, I mean a savoured appreciation…where you listened to the birds singing, the leaves rustling in the trees or the hum of the traffic.  Where you feel the air on your skin or you notice the grass under your feet.  Where you smell the earth or the dry desert air or the scent from the garden.  And where you can taste the salt from the sea breeze.  

If you haven’t…I invite you to try it.  If you are distracted by thoughts, rather than follow that thought or be irritated by it, could I invite you to simply notice the thought and then gentlyreturn your attention to your senses.  When you open your eyes, what do you notice.  

One evening, I tried this unprompted and when I opened my eyes, I saw, heard and smelled things I hadn’t prior to closing them.  It was as if my senses where more attuned to my surroundings.  

As I type this, my eyes aren’t closed but I can hear birds chirping…I can hear the faint hum of traffic as people arrive home from work, and I can hear my dog crunching away at a bone.  I also hear children laughing and sounds of delight as they catch someone playing chase. I feel a pleasantness to the air (the Goldilocks pleasantness) and a slight chill with a subtle smell of the ocean as evening descends upon our seaside town.

In the busyness of life, and in the age of ‘instant’ everything, it is rare that we take the time to ‘tune in’ or to be so still that we hear, see and feel with such clarity.  So I wonder, how can we see the possibilities let alone act on them, if our senses are dull to our surroundings and our life.