Are you struggling with a pervasive feeling of loss or sadness?

Are you lacking enthusiasm for anything and have a general apathy towards whatever you are doing?

Are you feeling stuck and no matter what you try, the situation seems to remain the same?

Are you struggling to navigate a big change in your life?

Would you like support to deal with overwhelming feelings or to guide you through change or a life transition?
Counselling can help you with concerns or problems such as anxiety, depression, grief and loss, pain, stress, anger, trauma, burnout, life transitions and self-esteem.
Seed Possibilities seeks to create a safe, supportive and respectful space to help you to with your circumstances.
Through counselling, you can learn better ways to cope.  You can also develop self-understanding, gain insight into specific problems, crises, or life circumstances and be supported while you make those changes you determine to be necessary.
Personal and GP Mental Health referrals are accepted.
To make an appointment, please use our online booking system or
call to make a booking by phone
Face to Face – To be advised
Online – Skype